Wind Caves
The Wind caves is a short hike with an outstanding view. Wind and water erosion have created three arches and natural cave rocks above the Logan Canyon floor. The hike is 1.9 miles with an irreplaceable view of the opposing wall of the canyon.
Crimson Trail
We took an amazing hike along the top of a fifty foot and higher cliff. The Crimson Trail runs along Logan Canyon. It is a few miles long beginning and ending with a steep climb and descent. Once on top of the cliffs, the view is beautiful and the hike is flat, winding back and forth into ravines and out to lookout points.
This 60 meter rappel has a breath-taking view of Logan Canyon . It takes about 10 minutes to hike to the top. Three rappels were set up and several different kinds of gear were introduced. This is a fun rappel for the beginner or experienced alike. We want to thank Jon Kerkmann for bringing the equipment, reviewing safety and helping all those who rappelled.
Oneida Narrows
The REU group headed north into Idaho to the Oneida Narrows. Dr. Moon provided each with an inner tube, and the group floated down the river. The water was suprisingly bearable in temperature and fun was had by all.
Yellowstone National Park
One weekend we headed up to magnificent Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The sites were amazing.