Lab Equipment

A listing of all equipment in rooms EL09, EL09A, EL09C, EL101A, EL102A, EL104, EL104C, EL107, EL112, EL218, EL230, EL255, ENGR328, EI114, EI101, EI102, EI110, EI201, EI204, EI301 and EI314.

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Mnl = Manual available

  Make Model Name Rm Mnl
N/A 9562 Log-Periodic Antenna Y
N/A Battery Battery N
N/A Water Systems Water Systems Hardware N
Agilent 0322-v3.680 Intake filiter Y
Agilent 200v-3x3, 5633A-5632A Near field measurment system Y
Agilent 33220A 20MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Y
Agilent 33250A 80MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Y
Agilent 33521A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator N
Agilent 34405a Multimeter N
Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition switch unit Y
Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer N
Agilent 85024 A High Frequency Probe N
Agilent 8510c, 8517b Agilent network Analyzer, s-perameter test set Y
Agilent AT-89601B Basic Vector Signal Analyzer Software N
Agilent AT-N5225A Micro Network Analyzer N
Agilent AT-N9914A FIELDFOX Handheld RF Analyzer N
Agilent CX4 Signal Analyzer N
Agilent e3630a Triple output DC Power Supply N
Agilent E3632A Power Supply N
Agilent E4403B Spectrum Analyzer N
Agilent E4407B Spectrum Analyzer N
Agilent E4407B Spectrum Analyzer (cabinet) N
Agilent E4412A Power sensor N
Agilent E4418B Power Meter Y
Agilent E4438 Vector Signal Generator N
Agilent E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator, 250kHz - 4GHz N
Agilent E4438C Vector signal generator N
Agilent E8267D Singal Generator Y
Agilent E8363B Network anlyzer Y
Agilent G-125296 Multi-beam array antenna Y
Agilent N5225A PNA Network Analyzer N
Agilent N9000A Signal Analyzer N
Alesis QuadraVerb 20K Bandwidth Simultaneous Digital Effects Processor N
Alesis RA-100 Reference Amplifier N
Apple Macintosh II Computer N
Avenger A2055 Avenger Tripod N
BK Precision 1671A power supply N
BK Precision 2831e Multimeter N
BK Precision 9115 Power Supply N
Circuitmate FG2 Function Generator N
Circuitmate FG2 Function Generator N
Cole Parmer Microscope N
Comdyna GP-6 Analog Computer N
CSR CSR bluetooth development kit N
Data Precision 8200 Calibrator N
Dell Inspiron Laptop computer N
FLIR Systems 14.25MM Photon Machine (FLIR) N
Fluke 6071A Synthesized RF Signal Generator, 200kHz - 1040MHz N
Fluke 8000 Digital Multimeter Y
Fluke 8000a Digital Multimeter N
Fluke 8000A Digital Multimeter N
Fluke 8000A Digital Multimeter N
Fluke 8000A Digital Multimeter N
Fluke 8010A Digital Multimeter Y
Gold-Plate Pick and Place DispenSentry N
GW cfg-8015f Function Generator N
GW GFG-8015F Function Generator N
GW gpd-3020 Power Supply N
HP 1650B Logic Analyzer Y
HP 1662E Logic Analyzer Y
HP 1662E Channel Analyzer N
HP 1663E Logic Analyzer Y
HP 33120A 15 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Y
HP 33120A function Geneator Y
HP 33120A Arbitrary waveform generator N
HP 34401A HP Multimeter Y
HP 34401A Multimeter Y
HP 3560A Dynamic Signal Analyzer Y
HP 3563A Control System Analyzer N
HP 35665A Signal Analyzer N
HP 35665A Analyzer Signal N
HP 4195A Network / Spectrum Analyzer, 10Hz - 500MHz N
HP 4195A Analyzer Network N
HP 4263B LCR Meter N
HP 5372A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer N
HP 5386A Frequency Counter N
HP 54601a Oscilloscope N
HP 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 100MHz, 2+16 Channels Y
HP 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Y
HP 54645D Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Y
HP 54701A 2.5GHz Active Probe Y
HP 54720D Oscilloscope N
HP 54720D Modular Oscilloscope N
HP 54750A Digitizing Oscilloscope Y
HP 54750A Oscilloscope Mainframe N
HP 56610 Dielectric Probe Kit N
HP 6235A Triple Output Power Supply Y
HP 6235A Power Supply N
HP 6235A Triple Output Power Supply Y
HP 6235A DC power supply triple N
HP 6235A triple output power supply N
HP 6236A Triple Output Power Supply Y
HP 6236A Power Supply N
HP 6236B Triple Output Power Supply N
HP 6236b Hp Triple out-put power supply N
HP 6236B HP DC Power Supply Triple Y
HP 8133A Pulse Generator, 3GHz N
HP 8133A Pulse Generator N
HP 8133a pulse generator N
HP 8133A Pulse Generator N
HP 8347A RF Amplifier, 100kHz - 3GHz Y
HP 83752A Synthisized Sweeper N
HP 85052B Calibration Kit: 3.5MM N
HP 85134 Hp Test part cable N
HP 8514A S-Parameter Test Set N
HP 8563E spectrum Analyzer Y
HP 8593E RF Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz - 22GHz Y
HP 8593E Portable Spectrum Analyzer N
HP 8594E Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz - 2.9GHz Y
HP 8595E Spectrum Analyzer Y
HP 8752C Network Analyzer, 300kHz - 3GHz Y
HP 8752C Vector Network Analyzer N
HP e3632a Power Supply N
HP E3632A Power Supply Y
HP E4916A Crystal Impedance / LCR Meter, 1MHz - 180MHz N
HP E4916A Opt 001 Impedance Probe Kit, 50Ω N
HP ESG-D3000A Digital Signal Generator, 250MHz - 300MHz Y
Instek LCR-819 N
JLCooper Nexus Plus 2 x 8 Midi Merger N
Keithley 2400 Broad Purpose SourceMeter Y
Keithley 3706 System Switch/Multimeter Y
Keithley 6221 Current Source Y
Kentridge Instruments PP-100 Coupled-Tank System Y
Krohn-Lite 3382 Filter N
Lab-Volt 5510-10 MATLAB Antenna N
Lab-Volt 9505-00 RF Generator Y
Lab-Volt 9507-20 Data Acquisition Interface / Power Supply N
Lab-Volt DIG/ANALOG Radar Training System N
Lightwave LDP 3811 Precision Pulsed Current Source N
Mackie 1202-VLZ 12-Channel Mic/Line Mixer N
Magnavox 19G602-00AA TV N
McGOHAN MS203 20 Watt Amplifier N
National Instruments NI PXI-1031 DC Sound/Vibration Measurement Analyser N
Nearfield/NSI 5911A, 5911-4 ARC box N
NEC MT1045 Projector: Video N
Owon SDS7102 Deep memory digital storage oscilloshope 2-channel with VGA and NAL interface Y
Panasonic Solid State Stereo N
PASCO Scientific Inverted Pendulum on Cart N
PASCO Scientific CI-6502 Power Amplifier N
PASCO Scientific CI-6508 Input Adaptor N
PASCO Scientific CI-6510 Signal Interface N
PASCO Scientific PI-9587C Digital Function Generator - Amplifier Y
PASCO Scientific SF-9324 Mechanical Vibrator N
PASCO Scientific WA-9301A Dual Function Generator N
PASCO Scientific WA-9307A Fourier Synthesizer N
PASCO Scientific WA-9612 Resonance Tube N
Phillips PM 3375 Oscilloscope N
Phillips PM5139 Function Generator Y
Quansar ball beam kit N
Quansar 04221 Gryo Stabilizer N
Quansar DETC2007- 34 910 Heat Flow Experiment N
Quansar mf-006 Control Kit N
Quansar N00244T110313 solar tracker N
Quansar PAQ-X1 single channel linear voltage amplifier N
Quansar Q3 mobile platform N
Quansar Q3 ControlPaQ-FW Data Acquisition with On-board Amplifier N
Quansar SRV-02 servo N
Quansar SRV-02plant Rotary Servo Base Unit N
Quansar SRV02 ET Rotary Servo N
Quansar UPM-1503 Universal Power Module N
Quansar UPM-2405 Universal Power Module N
Realistic MPA-20 120V/12V Solid State Amplifier N
SAE E4433B Signal Generator Y
Shure Feedback Controller N
Sony CDP-297 Compact Disc Player N
SoundTech QuickMix6 N
Storm ST8-020 WAN Emulator N
Sundance SMT8036 Computer Board (SMT8036) N
TDR TDR10 TDR Time Domain Reflectionmeter N
Tektronix 1502B Cable Tester N
Tektronix 2.5 GHZ Digital Phosphor Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope N
Tektronix 2211 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Y
Tektronix 2212 Digital Storage Oscilloscope Y
Tektronix 2225 50MHz Oscilloscope Y
Tektronix 571 Curve Tracer Y
Tektronix AFG320 Sony/tektronix arbitrary 16 MHz function generator Y
Tektronix afg3252 function generator N
Tektronix CFG 253 3MHz Function Generator Y
Tektronix CFG 253 Function Generator N
Tektronix CFG 253 Function Generator N
Tektronix CPS250 Power Supply N
Tektronix DPO2024 oscilloscope N
Tektronix dpo7254 oscilloscope N
Tektronix K475 56-in. Cart/Workstation/Instrument Tower N
Tektronix MD04104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope N
Tektronix PS2520G Power Supply N
Tektronix TDS 2012 Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 1GS/s N
Tektronix TDS 310 digital oscilloscope N
Tektronix TDS2012 Digital Storage Oscilloscope N
Tektronix tds7704 oscilloscope N
Tektronix TDS7704B Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope N
Tenma 72-2085 Laboratory DC Power Supply N
Volteq hy10020ex N
Weller DS600 Portable Soldering Station N
Weller EC1002 Soldering Station, 350-850F, ESD Safe N
Weller WES51 Soldering Station, 350-850F, ESD Safe N

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