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Item Long Description Spec
S-video connector
LT1492CN8 5MHz,3V/us Dual Single Supply 8pins
Blank PCB board Blank Circuit Board - Printable -- 1.6mm x 150mm x 150mm N/A
JW1FSN-B-DC12V General Purpose Relays 10A 12VDC SPDT NON-LATCHING
ICL8007 High Reliability JFET Input Amplifier
1N5227B Zener Diodes 3.6V 0.5W
Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Black/Red N/A
Female servo pins w/male housing Female servo pins with male housing (price per kit) N/A
TIL307 Numeric Displays with Logic
TIL308A Solid-state displays with Integral TTL MSI circuit chip
TIL309 Solid-State Display, DIP-16, 5.5 V, with Wide Viewing Angle
AT&T07990TS CMOS Differential Line Reciever
Receptacle Connector Male, 1.25mm Pitch
Connector USB A-Series (Female) 4-Pins,PCB Mounting
2N3053 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N4939 500mW Dual PNP Transistor
BC547 Bipolar transisor, NPN, 45V, TO-92
Thin Film Hall Generator Model 350
SAD1024 Reticon Dual Analog Delay
Crydom Series D2w202F triac output, printed circuit board mount, internal snubber, zero voltage switching
MJE2955T PNP Transistor
Cannon Plugs N/A
2N2923 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N5068-7413 Power Transistor

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