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Item Long Description Spec
S-Video Connector
LT1492CN8 5MHz,3V/us Dual Single Supply 8pins
Blank PCB Board Blank Circuit Board - Printable -- 1.6mm x 150mm x 150mm N/A
JW1FSN-B-DC12V General Purpose Relays 10A 12VDC SPDT NON-LATCHING
ICL8007 High Reliability JFET Input Amplifier
1N5227B Zener Diodes 3.6V 0.5W
Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Black/Red N/A
Female Servo Pins w/ Male Housing Female servo pins with male housing (price per kit) N/A
TIL307 Numeric Displays with Logic
TIL308A Solid-state displays with Integral TTL MSI circuit chip
AT&T07990TS CMOS Differential Line Reciever
Receptacle Connector Male, 1.25mm Pitch
Connector USB A-Series (Female) 4-Pins,PCB Mounting
2N3053 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N4939 500mW Dual PNP Transistor
BC547 Bipolar transisor, NPN, 45V, TO-92
Thin Film Hall Generator Model 350 64 OHM
SAD1024 Reticon Dual Analog Delay
Crydom Series D2w202F triac output, printed circuit board mount, internal snubber, zero voltage switching
MJE2955T PNP Transistor
Cannon Clip with Screws N/A
2N2923 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N5068-7413 Power Transistor
2N3705 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose

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