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Item Long Description Spec
CA56-21YWA .56 inch 4-Digit Yellow LED Numeric Display
CA56-21EWA Four digit 14.2mm high 7 segment clock display, Red /orange
GRHB-PC Handy Board System N/A
Thermistor 11a, NTC N/A
Thermistor 47K, .25w, NTC N/A
Thermistor 100K at 25c, NTC N/A
Thermistor 31.5K at 25c, NTC N/A
Thermistor 50K at 25c, NTC N/A
Thermistor 4.3K at 25c, NTC N/A
F9025S12MI AVC 3.6 x 3.6-inch (92 mm) Case Fan N/A
BDM8025S Clone BDM8025S Case Cooling Fan 80mm x 25mm N/A
DF1209SH 92x92x25.4mm, Sleeve Bearing, 12V N/A
8025H-12 Case Fan 80mm x 25mm N/A
PV763DJ4 DC Brushless Fan, 6A, CS Bearing N/A
CHA8012CS 80mm x 25mm, 3 pin connector N/A
8025HH12S Brushless DC Fan N/A
Nidec GAMMA28 24 V, .16 A N/A
AD0812HS-A70GL 80mm 12VDC 38.6CFM, Brushless Fan
A8025M12S DC Brushless fan, 12V, .20A N/A
DA07020R12U 12V, .70A, Hydraulic bearing N/A
DS09225R12MC018 AVC DS09225R12MC018 3-Pin 92MM Fan N/A
DSB0812HHD 12DC 0.24A brushless fan N/A
3110KL-05W-B69 FAN DC AXIAL 24V 80X25 LOCK ROT N/A
A12025L12S and FJ1202512SM 12 V, 0.25A N/A
DFS1352512H DC Fan, 12V, 0.35A N/A

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