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Item Long Description Spec
S2800A Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
2N4287 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N1302 NPN Germanium Transistor
2N2924 Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N3644 General Purpose Amplifier
2N5218 NPN Silicon Power Transistors
2N5961 General Purpose Amplifier
2N2380A Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose
2N1307 Germanium NPN Small Signal Transistors
2N5459 N-Channel JFET Genral Purpose Amplifier/Switch
2N4221 N-Channel Silicon Junction Field-effect Transistor
2N242 Germanium Power Transistors
LM299AH Precision Reference Zener Diode
2N1306 NPN Germanium Transistor
SK3535 N Channel Silicon Power MOSFET
TC4427EPA Gate Drivers 1.5A Dual MOSFET Dr NonInver Etemp PDIP8
TIS73 N Channel General Purpose Amplifier
2N4918 Leaded Power Transistor General Purpose
CA3028A Differential/Cascode Amplifier
TIP132 Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
TIS74 NPN Transistor
MPS6518 Leaded Small Signal Transistor general Purpose
MPS6522 Leaded Small Signal Transistor Gneral Purpose
MC7915 1A 15V Negative Voltage Regulator
MM4000-452 Small Signal Transistor

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