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Item Long Description Spec
GRM319R71H104KA01D 490-1775-1-ND .1 uf 50v 10% surface mount capacitor
2n5265 JFET
HSMR-C177 SM Blue LED 3.2x1.6 mm
4.7 mF 25v SM capacitor
E33-50K Basic / Snap Action Switches SPDT 10A QC TERM N/A
IC Driver Half Bridge Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC Inverting, Non-Inverting 14-DIP
IC Regulator Controller Multi Topology 16DIP Buck, Boost, Flyback, Forward Converter, Full-Bridge, Half-Bridge, Push-Pull Regulator Positive Output Step-Up, Step-Down, Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 16-PDIP
Hall Current Sensor 50A AC/DC Current Sensor 50A 1 Channel Hall Effect, Open Loop Bidirectional 5-CB Formed Leads, PFF

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