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Item Long Description Spec
MPS706 NPN Silicon Annular Switching Transistor
TIS98 NPN General Purpose Transistor
2SC4793 NPN Epitaxial Type Power Amplifier
2N6576 Leaded Power Transistor Darlington
IRLR120N Rectifier, HEXFET 100V 9.6A D-PAK
9088 Replacement Part
TA7205AP 5.8 watt audio power amplifier ic
P10864S Switch Detector, 5mm with MTG Hole
61C22 Push Button
High Contrast LCD Module High Contrast LCD Module 8x2
1N5821 Barrier Rectifier
2533SJ 2.5mm Surface Mount Jack
TIL311 Hexidecimal Display
Drain Source Voltage 2n5265 Drain source voltage
CD74AC164E Parallel Outshift Register
LAA110 Dual Single Pole OptoMOS Relay
S202TA1 Low Height Type Solid State Relay
OTL-4AL Coreless DC Motor
6-Pin Modular Jack 6-pin Modular Jack
Stereo Jack .25 inch stereo jack
Stereo Audio Cable 6 inch 3.5mm Male Right Angle to 3.5mm Female Gold N/A
HY1-24V Signal Relay
NTE5481 Silicon Controlled Rectifier
NTE2332 Damper Diode
NTE953 4 Terminal Voltage Regulator

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