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Item Long Description Spec
NTE2315 T-NPN Fast Switching Darlington
NTE87 Hi power Linear Amp
MX045HS 6mhz crystal
Alligator Clip Alligator Clip fits test leads N/A
SK3959 PNP Si Transistor
NTE858M Dual Lo Noise JFET Input Op Amp
AMI8008DAA (S50240) Frequency Divider
9057 Transistor
SN76477 Complex Sound Generator 28 Pin
IRFR9024 Rectifier, HEXFET 55V 10A D-PAK
Diode up to 3kV, 350mA, 250ns
LM4860M 1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode
CY7C425-65 Cascadable FIFO
SN74LS221D Dual 4-Input NAND Gates with Open Collector Outputs
9400CJ Frequency to Voltage/Voltage to Frequency IC
SN74LS260 Dual 5-Input NOR Gate
MAX418 Quad Single Supply Op-Amp
1420p Unity Gian Differential Amplifier
HT9170 DTMF Receiver
ISD1420P Dedicated Special Application Linear IC
ATTINY2313 2K Bytes In-System Self Programmable Flash
LM13700N Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizable diodes and buffers
LM139J Low Power Low offset Voltage quad comparators
AD9857AST 14-bit quadrature digital upconverter
LM237KC Terminal Adjustable Regulator

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