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Item Long Description Spec
Blank PCB Board Blank Circuit Board - Printable -- 1.6mm x 150mm x 150mm N/A
LCD Display Waveshare SpotPear 3.2 inch RPi LCD (V3) N/A
End Cap 1 inch, black N/A
SMA Cable Male to Male, 6ft 1' N/A
MIL-120A Thin•Twist COAX to 10BASE-T Media Converter
Ethernet Transceiver 10-16VDC, 180mA (12V) N/A
Keyboard Adapter 6-Pin DIN Male/PS/2 Female N/A
HP Infrared Interface Receiver HP FIR 4 Mbps N/A
DVI adapter 17 pin analog DVI - female - 15 pin HD D-Sub N/A
RCA Male Plug N/A
SCSI Terminator 50P N/A
AS-251S Serial Auto Switch, 2-1 PL to printer switch RS232
4P DIN to 4P Serial M to M N/A
4P M DIN to M 9P Serial N/A
Dell Charger/Adapter Tip Loan or Sell N/A
4P Cinch Connector N/A
9130-04070-027 SMD N/A
6P F Mini DIN to 4P F Serial N/A
PS-2 Keyboard to 9p Serial Female to female N/A
Stereo Inline Adapter 1/8' Jack to 1/4' Plug N/A
ACC Smart 9P F to modular jack N/A
Universal Snap Kit Kit includes a 10mm stud, 10 mm socket, long screw and short screw N/A
12 Position Barrier Strip European Style N/A
741242 N/A
Stereo Extension Cord High quality low loss, low noise sheilded stereo cable with molded 3.5mm plug & jack 15 ft N/A

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