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Item Long Description Spec
1N5227B Zener Diodes 3.6V 0.5W
Crydom Series D2w202F triac output, printed circuit board mount, internal snubber, zero voltage switching
S2800A Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
LM299AH Precision Reference Zener Diode
IRLR120N Rectifier, HEXFET 100V 9.6A D-PAK
1N5821 Barrier Rectifier
NTE5481 Silicon Controlled Rectifier
NTE2332 Damper Diode
IRFR9024 Rectifier, HEXFET 55V 10A D-PAK
2.5A Diode 1kV Silicon Diode
1N5822 Barrier Rectifier
1 Watt Zener Diode 1 watt, 3.7 ohm 1% zener diode
Schottky Diode 30V 2A Axial
SS36-E3/57T Surface-Mount Diode
DAN403 Small signal diode arrays

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