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Item Long Description Spec
TIL307 Numeric Displays with Logic
TIL308A Solid-state displays with Integral TTL MSI circuit chip
High Contrast LCD Module High Contrast LCD Module 8x2
TIL311 Hexidecimal Display
Replacement Flashlight Bulb #243 lamps, 2.33V @ 270mA
LED Super Bright Green, 1000mcd, 4.8mm
LED (3mm) LEDs. Blue tinted case. 700mcd typ., 470nm
LED Red/Green 5mm
LED Assembly With Holder and Built in Resistor 12VDC, 15mA N/A
LCD Module 4 line, 20 character display
Digital LCD Panel Meter 3-1/2 Digital LCD Panel Meter, PM128
LCD Display LCD module 124 x64
LCD Module 128 X 64 DOTS LCD (note: special pin spacing)
SFH485 IR emitter LED 880NM clear 5mm
Incandescent Lamp/Bulb 24V 20mA
#1819 Indicator Lamp Bulb T-3 1/4, Miniature Bayonet Base, 28.0V, 0.04 Amps N/A
Halogen 50 Watt GE Edison Halogen 50 Watt T3 2 Pin 12 Volt Bulb 99376 GY6.35 N/A
CDS004-5001 Photocell (resistor) , 12k ohm, 250v
Graphic LCD Display GLK19264-7T-1U-YG
Photo Transistor Clear Package, T-1 3/4 N/A
Hexidecimal 5082-7340 0-9, A-F, Base 16 operation, blanking control, conserves power
AND491GST Intelligent character display
TSOP2836 Infrared Remote Control System Receiver module 36 - 36.7 KHz
MIM 5383H4 Miniature Infrared Module 38.0 KHz

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