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Item Long Description Spec
JW1FSN-B-DC12V General Purpose Relays 10A 12VDC SPDT NON-LATCHING
Thin Film Hall Generator Model 350 64 OHM
P10864S Switch Detector, 5mm with MTG Hole
LAA110 Dual Single Pole OptoMOS Relay
S202TA1 Low Height Type Solid State Relay
OTL-4AL Coreless DC Motor
Stereo Audio Cable 6 inch 3.5mm Male Right Angle to 3.5mm Female Gold N/A
HY1-24V Signal Relay
Slide Switch Mfg. P/N EG4208A (4P2T Slide, PC mount)
slide switch GF-661-0001 3PDT 6A 125V
slide switch os102011ms2qn1 SPDT 100MA 12V
Electro-Acoustic Transducer ROHS Compliant 1.5V 30mA
Piezo Buzzer 6 VDC 30mA
DLP Temp Sensor DLP-TEMP-G DS18B20 Sensor
LH1510 Solid State Relay
Snap Action Switch Solder mount, max 300mA
JDV-ID28 Rotary Switch 2-12 positions N/A
SS5GL2 Subminiature Basic Switch, Hinged Rolled Lever
Audio Jack 3.5mm stereo jack, verticle, thread
DC Power Plug Female FEM,2.5x5.5x14MM 3.9x22MM STRAIN RELIEF,BLACK N/A
Tactile Motor 1E120. 0.55 diameter x 0.135
25A PIN Plunger Snap Action
Heat Sink Passive TO-220 13C/W Black Anodized
Heat Sink

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