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Item Long Description Spec
Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Insulated-Grip Alligator Clips Black/Red N/A
Female Servo Pins w/ Male Housing Female servo pins with male housing (price per kit) N/A
61C22 Push Button
Alligator Clip Alligator Clip fits test leads N/A
MK-15 Power Transistor Mounting Kit N/A
IC Test Clip 28 Pin
IC Test Clip 40 Pin
Extractor Tool .093 pin diameter
Weller Soldering Gun Tip N/A
Aluminum Screw Posts Aluminum Screw Posts N/A
Miscellaneous Meter Movement Various Panel meter Movements N/A
Test Lead Extendible Tip, Red/Black pair w/ Banana N/A
Test Lead Tweezer w/ Banana N/A
Solder Tip Tip Replacement Screwdr .062'
USB - Mini 3ft N/A
Ungar Adapter Tip PL155, Iron-clad N/A

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