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Item Long Description Spec
SAD1024 Reticon Dual Analog Delay
2N5459 N-Channel JFET Genral Purpose Amplifier/Switch
TIS73 N Channel General Purpose Amplifier
CA3028A Differential/Cascode Amplifier
MC7915 1A 15V Negative Voltage Regulator
2SC4793 NPN Epitaxial Type Power Amplifier
TA7205AP 5.8 watt audio power amplifier ic
NTE953 4 Terminal Voltage Regulator
NTE87 Hi power Linear Amp
NTE858M Dual Lo Noise JFET Input Op Amp
LM4860M 1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode
9400CJ Frequency to Voltage/Voltage to Frequency IC
MAX418 Quad Single Supply Op-Amp
1420p Unity Gian Differential Amplifier
ISD1420P Dedicated Special Application Linear IC
LM13700N Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Linearizable diodes and buffers
LM139J Low Power Low offset Voltage quad comparators
AD9857AST 14-bit quadrature digital upconverter
LM237KC Terminal Adjustable Regulator
TL072 Low-Noise Dual JFET Op. Amp.
LM1117MP-3.3/NOPB IC REG LDO 3.3V 0.8A SOT223
AD9851BRS DDS/DAC Synthesizer
AD8307AR Low Cost, DC to 500 MHz, 92 dB Logarithmic Amplifier
LM3940IT-3.3/NOPB 1A Low Dropout Regulator for 5V to 3.3V conversion

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