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Part Long Description Spec
MCM4116 N-channel
MC14028 Decoder
MC14050 Buffer
Mc14053 Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers
MC14503B Hex Non-Inverting 3-State Buffer
MC14512B 8-Channel Data Selector
MC14528 Dual Monostable MultiVibrator
MC14532B 8 Bit Priority Encoder
MC14599B 8 Bit Adressable Latches
MC1408 8-Bit Multiplying D/A Converter
ADC0820 8-Bit HS MicroProcessor Compatible, AD
DAC0800 8-Bit D/A Converter
7107 3 1/2 Digit Analog to Digital Convereter
ADC0809 8-Bit A/D Converter with 8-Channel Multiplexer
DAC0830 8-Bit, Double -Buffered D to A Converter
DAC0831 8-Bit, Double-Buffered D to A Converter
IRF510PBF Trans MOSFET N Channel 100 Volt 28A 3-Pin (3+Tab)
EP320DC High Performance 8-Macrocell Device
GAL22V10-25 High Performance E CMOS PLD
MC1488 Quad MDTL Line Driver
MC1489 Quad MDTL Line Receiver
AM27C64 64 Kilobit CMOS EPROM
28C64B 64 Kilobit Parallel EEPROM

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