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Part Long Description Spec
GAL22V10-25 High Performance E CMOS PLD
MC1488 Quad MDTL Line Driver
MC1489 Quad MDTL Line Receiver
AM27C64 64 Kilobit CMOS EPROM
28C64B 64 Kilobit Parallel EEPROM
27C128-15 128 Kilobit CMOS ExpressROM Device
MCM6064 8K X 8 Bit CMOS Static Ram
H11AA1 AC Input OptoCoupler
H11C3 Optocoupler Silicon Controlled Rectifier Output
PS2010 Plastic Silicon Rectifier (Voltage 50 to 1000 V current - 2.0 Amp)
MOC3010 6-Pin Dip, 250V Random Phase Triac Driver
MOC3011 6 Pin Dip, 250 V Random Phase Triac Driver
4N28 6 Pin Dip, Phototransistor Output Potocoupler
4N33 6-Pin Dip, Photodarlington Output Optocoupler
6N139 Darlington Optocoupler, Low Input Current, High Gain Split
OR501 (EE-SB5) Sensor, Optical Phototransitor
OR506 (EE-SB5V) Photomicrosensor with Switching Capacity
OR504/OR509 (EE-SG3) Phototransitor
OR518 (EE-SX1042) Mini-Transmissive Photomicrosensor
LM741 General Purpose Op. Amp
LM747 Quad Operational Amplifier
HA2515 12MHz High Input Impedance Op. Amp
HA2605 Wideband, High Impedance Op. Amp.
HA2655 Dual High Performance Op. Amp
HA2505 Precision High Slew Rate Op. Amp.

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