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Part Long Description Spec
LM348 Quad Biploar Op Amp
NE555/LM555 Precision Timer
NE556 14 Pin Dual Precison Timer
NE560 16 Pin Dual Precision Timer
LM565 Phase Locked Loop
LM357 Operational Amplifier Single General Purpose
LF398 Sample and Hold Circuit
C2109 General Purpose Dynamic RAM
C2114 1024 X 4 Bit General Purpose Static RAM
CA3045 General Purpose NPN Transistor Array
CA3079 Zero-Voltage Switch for 50 -60 and 400 Hz
CA3046 General Purpose NPN Transistor Array
CA3081 G.P. High Current NPN Transistor Array
CA3086 General Purpose NPN Transistor Array
D3242 Address Multiplexer and Refresh Counter for 16 K DRAM
DH6376 Precision Voltage Regulator
INS1771 Floppy Disk Fromatter/Controller
6116 2K X 8 CMOS Static RAM
6264LP-10 High Speed CMOS Static RAM
75452 Dual Peipheral NAND Driver
PLS103 Field-Programmable Gate Array (Logic)
PLS105 Field-Programmable Logic Sequencer
PLS162N Fuse-programmable Gate Array (FPGA)- Prog Addr Decoder
PLS151 Fuse-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)- Prog Output Enable

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