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Part Long Description Spec
74AC11244 Octal buffer/driver with 3-state outputs
74ACT11374 Octal Edge Triggered D-Type Flip flop
74AC11373 Octal D-Type Latch with 3-state outputs
22nH RF Inductor, unshielded
150nH 5% Chip Inductor, size: 0805
330nH 5% Chip Inductor, size: 0805
MMBT3906 Trans General Purpose BJT PNP 40V 0.2A 3-Pin SOT-23
NE68019 RF Bipolar Small Signal NPN High Frequency
ADCH-80 RF Choke 50MHz
ADE-3G Frequency Mixer, 2300-2700MHz
ERA-3SM Mini Circuits, Monolithic Amplifiers : Boradband DC to 8GHz
HSMS-2850 SOT-23, 2v
LM358A IC, OP-AMP, 1.1MHZ, 0.6V roll (TSSOP pkg.) SMD
NE34018CT HJ-FET Amplifier 2 GHz sot-343
PIC16F684-I/SL 3.5KB 128RAM Flash MCU
SMP1320 SMD Diode - Power Driver
SN75452B Dual Peripheral NAND Driver
Touch key pad N/A
1736DPC Xilinx QPRO Family of XC1700D QML Configuration PROMs N/A
MCP6544 Push-Pull Output Sub-Microamp Comparator
Copper Clad Laminate Sheet .060 inch thick, 1oz, price is per sq inch N/A
Copper Clad Laminate Sheet .060 inch thick, 1/2 oz, price is per sq inch N/A
LH 1510 Solid State Relay
AT&T 07990TS N/A
CD74HC4046 Phase-locked-loop with VCO

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