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Part Long Description Spec
Misc. Shielded Cable (per foot) N/A
Gray Ribbon Cable 20 strand or smaller (per inch) N/A
Solderless Terminal Fully Insulated Male, Quik Disconnect Terminal, 18-22 AWG N/A
Solderless Terminal Quick Disconnect Terminal, Female, 14 - 16 AWG
Solderless Terminal Quick Disconnect Terminal, Female, 18 AWG
Paladin Replacement Blades P/N PA 2240 N/A
GL5537 20-30K ohm light sensitive resistor
25 Pin Gender Changer 9 Pin Male to 25 Pin Female N/A
Die Set 2034 Paladin Tool N/A
Coax Stripping Tool Paladin P/N PA1240 N/A
1/4 inch Heatshrink Tubing Clear (per inch) N/A
1/2 Inch Cut Inch Heat Shrink Tubing (per piece) N/A
1 Inch Cut Inch Heat Shrink Tubing (per piece) N/A
2 Inch White Heat Shrink (per inch) N/A
RS232 Cable Serial extender cable 10ft DB25 Male-Female straight thru
Female Header Pass-Through Female Headers for Arduino Shields - 1x8 and 1x6 Position
3 Pin Female Header hws8519 N/A
Clear Tube 1 3/4 inch diameter, thin wall, clear tube, price is per inch N/A
CD74HC4538E Monostable Multivibrator Dual Retrig Mono
10 Pin Socket HWS15772 1x10 pin socket N/A
3/16 inch 3M Heat Shrink Tubing (per inch) N/A
25 pin D-sub Backshell Backshell N/A
LM335 Precision Temperature Sensor
Ferrite Core Round Cable 28.6mm 25.9mm Suppression Component N/A

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