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Part Long Description Spec
Ferrite Core Round Cable 28.6mm 25.9mm Suppression Component N/A
Phone Jack 1/8 inch Stereo
C Battery Holder holds 2 Batterys N/A
Ribbon Connector Female ribbon connector F/F N/A
IPP200N25N3 Mosfet 250v N/A
Ribbon Cable Male to Male long ones N/A
Crystal Oscillator 16MHz N/A
Crystal Oscillator 8MHz N/A
Capacitor 680uf 35v cap alum 20% radial
Heat Shrink Tubing (Per Inch)
Tactile Switches
2200 uf 35 v Radial Capacitor
SMA Right Angle Coupler Male - Female coupler male female N/A
Digital Multimeter Q test QT 830D N/A
dry erase marker Staples brand black, red, blue N/A
Disc Battery 1.5V LR44 N/A
Disc Battery 1.55V N102-ND N/A
Battery: AAA Rechargeable, NiMH, 1.2V N/A
2n4923 Power Transistor Medium Power Silicon Power Transistor N/A
Instrumentation knob Vintage Red Bakelite Knob Daka-Ware Gutar Radio Amp N/A
MDP1603 101G Foil Resistor
Breakout boards 8 Pin SOIC to DIP adapter
430r-101-332 3.3k resistor network N/A
3M Copper Tape 1/4 inch / price is per inch N/A

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