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Part Long Description Spec
Solderless Terminal Fully Insulated Male, Quik Disconnect Terminal, 18-22 AWG N/A
Solderless Terminal Quick Disconnect Terminal, Female, 14 - 16 AWG
Solderless Terminal Quick Disconnect Terminal, Female, 18 - 22 AWG
Paladin Replacement Blades P/N PA 2240 N/A
GL5537 20-30K ohm light sensitive resistor
25 Pin Gender Changer 9 Pin Male to 25 Pin Female N/A
Die Set 2034 Paladin Tool N/A
Coax Stripping Tool Paladin P/N PA1240 N/A
1/4 inch Heatshrink Tubing Clear (per inch) N/A
1/2 Inch Cut Inch Heat Shrink Tubing (per piece) N/A
1 Inch Cut Inch Heat Shrink Tubing (per piece) N/A
2 Inch White Heat Shrink (per inch) N/A
Photocell Photocell 100mW 150Vpack 3Kohm Max Light 0.2Mohm Min Dark
Photocell Photocell 250mW 250V Peak 12K Ohm Max Light 1M Ohm Min Dark
RS232 Cable Serial extender cable 10ft DB25 Male-Female straight thru
Female Header Pass-Through Female Headers for Arduino Shields - 1x8 and 1x6 Position
3 Pin Female Header hws8519 N/A
Clear Tube 1 3/4 inch diameter, thin wall, clear tube, price is per inch N/A
CD74HC4538E Monostable Multivibrator Dual Retrig Mono
10 Pin Socket HWS15772 1x10 pin socket N/A
Female header pins Square Header pins
25 pin D-sub Backshell Backshell N/A
Ferrite Core Round Cable 28.6mm 25.9mm Suppression Component N/A
Phone Jack 1/8 inch Stereo

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