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Part Long Description Spec
Spacer Mount LED TRI-LEAD N/A
Lab Book 10 x 7 7/8 inch, quad ruled N/A
tip142 darlington complementary silicon powertransistor
tip36 silicon PNP power transistor
tip142 darlington complementary silicon powertransistor
2n4014 TRANS NPN 50V TO-18
LED 5mm Super Bright White 10000Mcd Non-diffused 5mm (T1-3/4) Super Bright LED, Water clear, Non diffused case. 10000mcd Typ. output. Max forward current 20mA continuous. Max Forward Voltage Drop: 3.2V. Max reverse Voltage =5VDC. 20Degree Viewing angle. 1 inch leads N/A
3.5mm mono jack non-thread
Stereo Male/Male 3.5mm 6ft N/A
Raspberry Pi w/ power supply N/A
Raspberry Pi Cobbler with Breakout Cable N/A
Mini Alligator clips test leads N/A
Acceleromter N/A
Wall Adapter Plug-in AC power Adapter 5VDC 4A N/A
toggle switch right angle SPDT, on-none-on, R/A, PC, POT N/A
toggle switch right angle, sub, SPDT on-on, PCB mount, .4V, N/A
Soldering kit 30w iron, solder, solder iron. N/A
74 N/A
USB for Amazon tablet amazon basics USB 2.0 cable for optimum data transfer N/A
Coaxial Wire RG 174 26 AWG stranded center N/A
Terminal Block 4 screw, part number 13-1502 N/A
pomona test leads pair N/A
capacitor Aluminum 1500uf 20% 63v N/A

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