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Part Long Description Spec
LM301 Low-Noise H-S Audio Op. Amp.
NE5534 General Purpose Op. Amp
LM308 Operational Amplifier
LM2901 Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
LM311N Voltage Comparator
LM311J High Performance Voltage Comparator, 14-pin
LM318 Fast General Purpose Op. Amp
LM35DT Precision Centigrade Temperature Sensor
LM324 Micro. Power Quad Op. Amp
SP233ACP +5V Powered Drivers/Receivers
MAX233 +5V Powered Drivers/Receivers, Multi. Chann. Use (SP233ACP)
LM258 Low Power Dual Op. Amp.
BC160 Small Signal Bipolar Transistor
BF245C N-Chanel, Junction Field Effect Transistor
LM837N Low Noise Quad Operational Amplifier
LM3914 Bar Graph Display Driver
MAX232 Dual Driver/Receiver
LM329 Precision Voltage Reference
LM334 3 -Terminal Adustable Current Source
LM335 Precision Temperature Sensor
LM336 Reference Diode
LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
LM348 Quad Biploar Op Amp
NE555/LM555 Precision Timer
NE556 14 Pin Dual Precison Timer

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