Course Description

ECE6340 : Spacecraft Attitude Control

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3

Instructor: R. Rees Fullmer

Objective: Spacecraft attitude dynamics and controls. Spin stabilized, three axis, and dual spin modes. Attitude determination techniques.

Prerequisite: ECE 5310 or MAE 5310

Topics Covered:

* Rotational Kinematics
* Attitude Determination
* Spacecraft Rotational Dynamics
* Gravity Gradient Spacecraft
* Spin Stabilized Spacecraft
* The Single DOF Spacecraft
* Momentum Bias Spacecraft
* Zero Momentum Spacecraft
* Thruster Controller Spacecraft
* Flexible Structures Effects

Course Outcomes:

Text Book: Sidi, Marcel J. Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2000.