Doctorate of Philosophy Deadlines

Steps required to complete the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering:

Task When to Complete
1. Form Supervisory Committee and submit form to ECE Department 1st semester
2. Discuss required course work and research with committee and submit Program of Study to ECE Department 1st semester
3. Select research topic with committee 1st semester
4. Hold Dissertation Proposal Defense approximately same semester as comp exam
5. Submit Application for Comprehensive Exam to ECE Department 4 months prior to exam (September for following January)
6. Take Comprehensive Exam (administered by Graduate Committee) After completion of a minimum of 18 course work semester credits (post MS) and at least 3 months prior to final defense
7. Submit Application for Candidacy At least 3 months prior to final defense (after successful completion of comp exam)
8. Submit copies of dissertation to committee members for approval At least 4 weeks prior to defense
9. Submit Copyright form and Plans for Publication form to ECE Department At least 4 weeks prior to defense
10. Submit Appointment for Examination form to ECE Department At least 14 working days prior to defense
11. Submit Placement Survey and Alumni Card with photo to ECE Department After defense and prior to formatting check
12. Submit completed dissertation to department coordinator (Mary Lee) for FORMAT ONLY check - it is your responsibility to proof for grammar and spelling before submitting it. Prior to submitting to Graduate Shcool
13. Submit approved dissertation to Graduate School At least 7 weeks prior to end of semester (or by reserved processing date)
14. Submit final dissertation on CD in PDF file and approved, bound copy to ECE Department When dissertation is approved by Graduate School
15. Turn in forms to Graduate School and check with KayDawn Sorensen before leaving Logan to make sure all requirements are met.


In order to receive the out-of-state waiver and the in-state tuition remission, a student must receive $600/month in funding. Student must be a full-time students meeting the following requirements:

  1. Registered for 9 or more graduate credits; or

  2. Registered for 6 or more graduate credits if employed as a graduate assistant for 15 hours per week or more; or

  3. Registered for 3 graduate credits with all required coursework completed and only the research component of the degree remaining (the student's Program of Study must have been submitted to the School of Graduate Studies); or

  4. Registered for at least 3 graduate credits during the semester of the final thesis/dissertation defense or, in a non-thesis degree program, the last semester of coursework required on the student's Program of Study.

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